about us

The Big Spring District of the United Methodist Church includes 42 churches in West Texas.  Each congregation is unique as each one fulfills the common mission of Making Disciples for the Transformation of the World.  Some of our church buildings stand on lonely prairies and others rise stately on downtown corners.  The music may feature praise teams or choirs in robes.  There may be stained glass windows and wooden pews or cushioned chairs and video announcements.  No matter how it is presented, the good news of God's love is proclaimed for all to experience.  Mission trips move us beyond the walls into our communities and around the world.  Our connection as United Methodists enables us to touch lives all over the globe with the good news of Jesus Christ2

New people are welcome to join the journey of faith.  Some come with deep beliefs and others with many doubts.  There is room for all as we seek to follow Christ and grow in our understanding of who God is and how God is at work in the world.  Being a part of a church is both comforting and challenging.  When life is shared, there is encouragement and guidance, laughter and pain.  Each of us has something we can offer to others and a need for what others offer to us. Because we live in and contribute to the brokenness of the world, being together can also cause pain--disagreements deepen, feelings get hurt, needs aren't met.  The church can be a place to receive and to practice grace.  We are not confined by past mistakes and old ways.  We are new creations in Christ moving toward wholeness.  This is the church and the churches in the Big Spring District.