S/PPRC Assessment of the Pastor

This form helps the congregation identify the pastor's gifts and areas for growth.  The Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee fills it out and returns it to the District Superintendent by October 1, 2017.

Pastor's Self Assessment

This annual assessment gives the pastor an opportunity to reflect on his/her ministry, prayerfully examining both strengths and weaknesses.  Please return the form to the District Superintendent by October 1, 2017.



S/PPRC Consultation for Future Appointment

Matching of pastor and congregation involves the thoughtful input of the congregation.  This form aides the Cabinet in appointive conversations.  Please return this form to the District Superintendent by January 12, 2018.

Pastor's Consultation for Future Appointment

Each pastor collaborates in the appointment process by filling out this form (due January 12, 2018) and in the annual consultation with his/her District Superintendent.

In addition to the above form, please fill out and bring to the consultation the Pastor's Consultation Information Form.